The popular crop forecasting tool for farmers Yield Prophet now has its own app Yield Prophet lite. The forecasting tool was developed by the Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) to aid farmers when it comes to making time critical decisions on farm. The application utilises soil climate and rainfall data to produce a growth simulation for a crop in a given year.

Yield Profit Reports

BCG provides a wide variety of reports to growers that are subscribed to the yield profit service.

Crop Report

The crop report is the primary report that is supplied to Yield Prophet subscribers providing 20 separate outputs that relates to the individual crop that gives a snapshot in time of a specific crop.

The snapshot includes:

  • yield range for both grain and hay production
  • current water and nitrogen resources
  • potential for nitrogen and water stress
  • probability of water logging, frost and heat stress
  • climate forecast and impact on yield

The remainder of the reports are based around nitrogen and irrigation budgeting for farming systems.

Yield Prophet Lite

The Yield Prophet Lite application will serve as a vital tool that allows farmers to budget fertilisers to meet specific yield targets in a given year. The application can be run at anytime during the growing season as long as the crop type is specified and various factors are noted such as nitrogen applications, starting soil N and current rainfall. When the simulation is run the application will calculate the range of water and nitrogen-limited yield potentials for the crop as well as providing a probability of achieving a particular yield in a given season.

Yield Prophet Lite

The application is relatively simple to use and the outputted data is backed up by the popular French and Schultz formula.

The integration between the application and the yield profit platform allows the application to generate Yield Prophet reports for individual paddocks that details real time crop progress and potential in relation to the moisture and nutrient status of the soil. Yield Prophet Lite allows growers to get a feel for Yield Prophet without having to commit to the full subscription. The tool is mainly used to back up farmers gut feel when it comes to predicting how the season is likely to turn out.

To give Yield Prophet Lite a go you can click the link provided and if you have any questions feel free to add them to the comments section below. You can also contact BCG with any questions by using the contact details below.

BCG on (03) 5492 2787 or email