Break crop Podcasts

geoff mccallum

Geoff McCallum,North Parkes mine – using peas to manage weeds and improve soil nitrogen.

North Parkes mine is located approximately 50 kms North West of the township of Parkes, within the  Central West of NSW.  Surrounding the mine is a commercial cropping operation which is managed by  Geoff McCallum who has over thirty years of farm management experience in both the medium and low  rainfall zones of NSW and Victoria.

oats as a breakcrop

McDonald Brothers, Condobolin – The role of oats as a break crop

The McDonalds farm approximately 3000 ha of wheat and around 1000 ha of oats. They run a crop rotation that generally comprises of four to five years of cereals, followed by a four to five year pasture phase of lucerne and medics.They also run 6000 merino ewes with half of them joined to White Suffolk.

Derrick Davis-Use of field peas and lupins as break crops.

The Davis’s annually grow approximately 6000 hectares of wheat, 2000 hectares of lupins and field   peas and leave 1000 hectares long fallow.

Michael Pfitzner-Break Crop, Vetch as a brown manure.

The Pfitzner family has been farming in the Rankins Springs district since the 1960’s. They originally ran a mixed farm enterprise with cropping and sheep. They use a disc seeder on 12 metre controlled farming system and grow vetch, peas and lupins as break crops in their crop rotation; but their main focus is vetch as a brown manure, hay and seed. Initially vetch was grown to provide fodder for sheep but has evolved into an important strategy within their cropping program.