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Action On The Ground

This project aims to demonstrate four farming systems to increase the sequestration of carbon in soil;  traditional cropping-grazing, reduced tillage- cropping-grazing, continuous cropping rotation and perennial pasture grazing (sheep).

Rural Women & Youth in Agriculture

women in ag

This project aims to build on the outcomes of the NSW Central West Farming Systems Women and Youth in Agriculture Conference by providing a range of locally relevant workshops to build community resilience.

Achieving Target Yields

A new three year $1.2 million project co-funded by GRDC and NSW Department of Primary Industries is responding to the southern irrigation region’s needs. Recent industry research identified significant potential for increased production and profitability of irrigated cereal and canola. It is estimated that if current yields increased to best trial levels, the farm gate value of cereals and canola almost doubles to $347 million.

Crop Sequencing

To provide locally relevant information to make broad leaf crops a less risky break crop option.

Soil Acidity and pH Management

This project aims to provide landholders and advisers with the skills and knowledge to confidently manage soil acidity within Central Western NSW.

Early Sowing Project

Early sowing is essential in order to maximise yield of wheat crops grown on long (18 month) fallow. Long fallowing and early sowing are complementary practices, as the fallow reduces weeds and diseases which can be difficult to control in early sown crops, and early sowing with slow developing cultivars allows the crop to better use soil water that is stored during the fallow.

Stubble Initiative

NB: To view trial results – Members/Resources/CWFS Stubble Project Archive.

This initiative involves farming systems groups in Victoria, South Australia, Southern and Central New South Wales and Tasmania collaborating to validate current research at a local level, and address issues for growers that impact the profitability of cropping systems with stubble; including pests, diseases, weeds, nutrition and the physical aspects of sowing and establishing crops into heavy residues.

Overdependence on Agrochemicals

The aim of this project is to reduce the overall dependence on agrochemicals in Central Western NSW by exploring alternative weed control options.