CWFS Video

Dan Murphy on beef breeding basics

Dr Peter Fisher on Controlled Traffic Farming - Gunning Gap Spring field day 2016

CSIRO sowing wheat at CWFS LIRAC site

A lesson in drone flying

Grazing cereals

An overview on pulses

Magic wheat

Nitrogen response trial

CWFS sowing

Richard Madden on canola diseases in Central West NSW

Helen McMillan (CWFS) on the GRDC Stubble Project - Gunning Gap 2016

Precision sheep management

Managing your stubbles

Mutual benefits of bees

Stubble initiative overview

A stubble height overview

Pasture overview from local experts

Official Announcement of CWFS Research Innovation Hub!

Lexi Cesnik on precision sheep management

Mick Neave (CSIRO) - Native bees and pollinators in our agricultural systems.

Dual Purpose crops in mixed farming

Presentation on drones

Spray rig setup

The link between N,P and protein

CSIRO harvest

Our treasured heritage line

SwagBot Robot at CWFS PA Seminar