Early Sowing Project

Early Sowing Project

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Southern NSW was one of the areas hardest hit by stem frost in July and August 2014, and this combined with heavy aphid infestations (due to above average temperatures in May) transmitting BYDV definitely took the shine off a lot of early sown crops. The early sowing trial sites at Junee Reefs and Rankins Spring were among the worst frost affected areas, and results from these trials highlighted some lessons for managing early sown crops into the future.

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Early sowing is essential in order to maximise yield of wheat crops grown on long (18 month) fallow. Long fallowing and early sowing are complementary practices, as the fallow reduces weeds and diseases which can be difficult to control in early sown crops, and early sowing with slow developing cultivars allows the crop to better use soil water that is stored during the fallow.