Harvest Management Podcasts

geoff mccallum

Geoff McCallum,North Parkes mine – The costs and benefits of cutting stubble lower.

Geoff farms dryland country in the Parkes and Forbes districts. At harvest he always cuts the stubble to around 25 cm or less to facilitate easy passage through his sowing equipment.

james butt3

James Butt, Condobolin NSW- Looking at harvest efficiency

James and Orlana farm 4500 ha of dry land country north of Condobolin and have concentrated mainly on cropping in the past, but are currently building lamb numbers to diversify. Currently the program is 80% cropping and 20% fat lambs.

Darren Miles, Condobolin NSW - Managing heavy stubble loads

Darren leases and share farms approximately 1600 ha as well as running a contract farming business at Condobolin and surrounding districts, mainly Grenfell and Cowra. He generally harvests around 3000 to 4000 hectares.

custom harveters logo

Bob Wythes, Forbes NSW - A harvest contractor's insight into harvest management.

Bob downsized recently from 2500 hectares and now operates 500 hectares of irrigation country just south of Forbes, NSW. He crops around 100 hectares of lucerne for hay, 200 hectares of wheat and barley and 1000 breeder ewes in a fat lamb enterprise.