Founded with the philosophy of providing an efficient and innovative wool handling and marketing service, close to the point of production, Jemalong Wool operates from three centres at Forbes, Tamworth and Cooma. Jemalong Wool’s goal is to provide their clients with excellence in service, superior levels of information and access to every marketing option available.




AvantAgri Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operating business, established by Peter Woods and Malcolm Bartholomaeus.

AvantAgri Australia provides services to AvantAgri Pools, which is a non-trading, progressive grain marketing company which has operated managed programs and pools for Australian grain growers since 2013. Services are based on collective marketing of grain, to get economies of scale and strategic leverage to deliver fair and competitive returns to growers, in an efficient manner. AvantAgri’s managed grain marketing is driven by the needs of growers to convert their annual crop into various cash flow streams, allowing growers to mix and match as required to suit their individual business model, in a low risk way.

The Farmanco Group is one of Australia’s largest Agricultural Management Consultancies.

From humble beginnings in 1978 at Dowerin, Western Australia, Farmanco’s success has been built upon partnering with over 750 clients and understanding their goals and objectives.

Their Consultants provide Farm Management, Agronomy Grain Marketing, Bookkeeping and Work, Health and Safety Services, as well as the latest in research and new technologies through their Precision Agronomy and Project Teams.

Farmanco has also developed industry-leading products including the Pestbook (a one-stop decision aid for Crop Protection) the Profit Series (farm benchmarking) as well as monthly Newsletters and Podcasts, all available through the Farmanco App.

The Farmanco team provides sustainable, independent and profitable advice to their clients; offering the ‘competitive advantage in agriculture’.

Moses and Son was established in 1920 by Charles Moses. The business started with Charles and his son, Samuel. They formed a wool, skin and fur buying business, servicing clients throughout the south west of New South Wales. Moses and Son progressed from private treaty buying to sale by Tender in 1986, and then in 1989 registered as Wool Brokers.

Since 1920, Moses and Son have consistently increased market share to the point where they are now among the market leaders in NSW.

Groundhog Industries are leaders in the development of new and innovative ways of seeding and harvesting.

Emerald Grain is one of the largest grain marketing and supply chain businesses in Australia.

CBH Grain is one of Australia’s largest co-operatives with operations extending to grain storage, handling, marketing and processing. Since being established in Western Australia in 1933, CBH Grain has evolved into a company employing over 1100 permanent employees and up to 1800 casuals over the harvest period.

Rabobank is a  contributing sponsor of Central West Farming Systems. Rabobank was founded in 1898 by farmers looking to support each other’s businesses and give rural communities access to fair financing. Now Rabobank is one of the largest lenders as well as remaining true to their core mission to create value for clients and employees within rural communities.

NSW Farmers advocates for a profitable and sustainable NSW farming sector

NSW Farmers is an Association of farmers and stakeholders of the agricultural industry. Their members gather in branches right across NSW to discuss the issues affecting their businesses and to learn about agricultural topics. The grassroot branch structure creates a framework for agricultural knowledge transfer and for identifying the issues that affect farmers at local, state and federal levels.

In 2011 Cargill Australia acquired the AWB trading and origination arm and GrainFlow storage and handling business from Agrium.  AWB is Cargill Australia’s grain origination business, with a network 40 grain marketers in 26 locations located throughout the Australian grain belt.

Heritageseeds is one of Australia’s largest seed companies. Heritage seeds have the experts needed to help you find the best pasture, grain and turf for your farming system.