2001 CWFS Research Compendium


Chairman’s Commentsi
CWFS Introductionii
CWFS Regional Sitesiii
CWFS Group Updateiv
Condobolin Farming Systems Trial, 20001
1. Farming
The Wear and Tear of Tillage Points9
Seed Quality, Nitrogen, Screenings & Black Point in Wheat & Barley12
Intensive Cropping – Grower Experience, Rankins Springs19
Soil Biology in Farming Systems22
Conservation Farming Comments24
Raised Bed Farming – Grower Experience27
Nozzle Use and Correct Selection
2. Economics
 What Makes a Profitable Farming System?32
Economic Issues in Deciding Between Cropping & Livestock Enterprises39
3. Livestock
Will Beef and Lamb Prices Crash? Australian Cattle & Sheep Industry Projection42
Linkages for Consistent Efficient Production of Quality Lamb51
4. Pasture
Role & Management of HDL Break Crops in Dryland Cropping Rotations54
HDLs and Prime Lambs – Ungarie57
Sold on Vetch – Grower Experience59
Pastures for Prime Wheat Production62
The Pasture Productivity Survey67
5. CWFS Regional Site Reports, 2000
Merriwagga Farming System Trial73
Choosing the Right Starter Fertiliser76
Effect of Tillage and Stubble Retention On Performance of Cereal Crops -West Wyalong78
Sustainable Farming Systems Trial Rankins Springs84
Crop Variety Comparisons – Alectown89
Using High Sowing Rates to Control Weeds in Wheat92
Performance of Wheat Following Pulses and Canola at Nyngan94
Top Dressing Canola with Urea: Amounts and Timing96
Nitrogen May Pay, But Don’t Forget Your Phosphorous101
Phosphorous Response in Field Peas104
Wheat Response to Zinc106
Forbes Soil Amelioration Trials, 2000109
CWFS Member List & Application Form