2002 CWFS Research Compendium

Chairman’s Comment Bruce Watt9
CWFS Introduction11
CWFS Regional Sites12
CWFS Group Update13
1. CWFS Core Site & Crop Monitoring – 2001
2001 CWFS Condobolin Farming Systems
Trial – Core Site Results16
CWFS Farming Systems Comparison View from the Systems20
CWFS 2001 Crop Monitoring Report24
2. Grower Experience – 2002 Seminar Speakers
Managing at the Margins gearing up – Precision Farming32
Improving Returns Considering the Asset37
Syndicated Farming, Benchmarking and Sustainability38
3. Burn & Cultivate? – 2002 Seminar Debate
To Burn or Not to Burn – To Turn or Not to Turn?42
4.  Weeds & Pastures – 2002 Seminar Speakers
Very Wild Radish46
Nitrogen Inputs from Pasture Legumes in a Cropping Rotation49
Results for the CWFS Pasture Survey, Aug 1999 to Dec 200156
5. CWFS Regional Site Reports – 2002
Nyngan CWFS Site 2001 Results64
Merriwagga Crop Rotation Trial70
Alternative Farming Systems Trial Rankins Springs72
Sulfonylurea Herbicide & Zinc Phosphorus Fertiliser Interactions in Wheat in CW NSW79
The Effect of Sowing Rate on the Performance of H45 & Diamondbird Wheat86
Phosphorus Responses in Wheat & Canola90
Canola Response to Phosphorus at Gunning Gap94
Forbes Soil Amelioration Trials96
Alectown Crop Variety Comparisons99
Euabalong Pulse Yield Comparisons101
Weethalle Group Report-2001102
CWFS Member List 104
CWFS Application Form