2003 CWFS Research Compendium


Chairman’s Comment Bruce Watt7
CWFS Introduction9
CWFS Regional Sites10
CWFS Group Update11
Statistics -what on earth do they mean?13
1. CWFS Core Site & Crop Monitoring
Farming Systems Comparison Trial – Core Site 2002 Results15
Farming Systems Comparison Trial (Core Site) The First Five Years 1998-200219
Crop Monitoring in 200227
2. Grower Experience – 2002 Seminar Speakers
What I Did – What I Should Have Done Nyngan Farmer Shares 2002 Experience37
Condobolin Farmers Share 2002 Experience38
3. H.E.L.P.
Drought Support Workers41
Drought Risk Management &. Financial Strategies42
4. Post Drought Crop Management
Crop Disease Management in 2003 – “After the Drought?”45
Post Drought Weedy Considerations49
Fertilisers for 2003 – Impact of 2002 Drought52
Crop Sequences at Nyngan  56
Crop Sequence – Drought Effects59
5. The Latest NSW Ag. Projects
Current Weed Control Practices in the Central West63
Managing Barley for Profit66
Lucerne Sowing Rate & its Effect on Plant Density & Productivity71
Lime, Soil Acidity and the Soils Project76
Salinity: Why Should we be Concerned?79
6. CWFS Regional Site Results – 2002
Merriwagga Crop Rotations & Tillage Systems83
Rankins Springs Alternative Farming Systems Trial86
Alectown – Grain Yield Responses In Wheat as affected P, S,Zn,Mg & Cu.91
Sulfonylurea Herbicide & Zinc/Phosphorus Fertiliser Interactions in Wheat in CW NSW95
Alectown – Canola Responses to P,S, Zn/(B)99
Gunning Gap – Sodic Soil Amelioration using Lime & Gypsum103
Gunning Gap – Lime Response on Sandy Acid Soils106
7. Low Rainfall Farming Systems
Low Rainfall Farming Systems Joint Project109
Effect of Cropping Practices on Crown Rot – Eyre Peninsular Farming Systems (SA)110
Upper North (SA) Low Rainfall Farming System, 2002113
CWFS Member List114
CWFS Application Form120