2004 CWFS Research Compendium


Chairman’s Comment Bruce Wait7
CWFS Introduction9
CWFS Regional Sites10
CWFS Group Update13
1. CWFS Core Site & Crop Monitoring
Farming Systems ComparisonTrial – Core Site 2003 Results15
Crop Monitoring in 2003 Cath22
2. The Latest NSW Ag. Projects
Computer Modelling Helps Fallow Decision Making29
High Water-Use Farming Systems that Integrate Crops with Perennial Pasture34
The Effect of Sowing Time & Variety on Yield and Oil Concentration of Canola37
3. CWFS Regional Site Results – 2003
Merriwagga – Crop Rotations & Tillage Systems45
Weethalle – Farming Systems Demonstration52
Sulfonylurea Herbicides & Zn/P Fertiliser Interactions in Wheat in CW NSW55
Alectown – Sodic Soil Amelioration using Lime & Gypsum65
Gunning Gap – Sodic Soil Amelioration using Lime & Gypsum68
Gunning Gap – Lime Response on Sandy Acid Soils72
Gunning Gap & Wirrinya – Wheat Stripe Rust & Fungicide Control75
Alectown – Wheat Stripe Rust Control Demonstration81
Nyngan – Phosphorous Carryover83
Nyngan – Yield Response of Canola to P & N85
Nyngan – Mixed Pulse Trial87
Tottenham – Pulse Trial90
Euabalong – Pulse Trial94
Ungarie – Vetch Variety Trial98
4. Low Rainfall Farming Systems
Canola & Mustard in a Dry Environment103
Pulse Evaluation & Agronomy on Upper Eyre Peninsula in 2003107
Innovative Deep Nutrient Application with Fluid Fertilisers112
Intensify Your Cropping?116
Managing the Soil Biota118
Paddock Yield & Seeding Depth Optimisation123