2005 CWFS Research Compendium


1. CWFS Background Information
Chairman’s Comment9
CWFS Introduction10
CWFS Group Update13
CWFS Reflections and Future15
Understanding Statistics17
2. CWFS Farming Systems Comparison
Core Site 200419
Soil changes between l999 and 2004 under four fanning systems27
Soil water use under phase fanning systems at Condobolin30
3. Central Western NSW
CWFS Regional Summary (1998-2003) Central Western NSW35
Central West NSW – The environment we work in39
CWFS Regional Site Summary47
4. Alectown
Regional Atlas – Alectown51
2004 Trial Results
Fungicides for strategic and tactical control of wheat leaf diseases55
Field pea nutrition trials 200463
An evaluation of seed treatments for controlling insects and diseases in canola… 6565
The effect of sowing rate on the performance of wheat in the Forbes and Parkes districts72
5. Euabalong
Regional Atlas – Euabalong77
2004 Trial Results
Weed control options in field peas81
Pulse trial85
6. Gunning Gap
Regional Atlas – Gunning Gap89
2004 Trial Results (see also Alectown)
Sodic soil amelioration using lime and gypsum – 5 years of results94
7. Merriwagga
Regional Atlas – Merriwagga99
2004 Trial Results
Merriwagga CWFS Site Results 1999-2004103
8. Nyngan
Regional Atlas -Nyngan111
2004 Trial Results
Wheat: Susceptibility of varieties to common root rot115
9. Rankins Springs
Regional Atlas – Rankins Springs117
2004 Trial Results
Alternate Fanning Systems Trial121
10. Tottenham
Regional Atlas – Tottenham127
2004 Trial Results
Wheat after pulses131
Alternative crops trial134
11. Ungarie
Regional Atlas – Ungarie139
12. Weethalle
Regional Atlas – Weethalle143
Trial Results
Silverleaf Nightshade demonstration 2000-2004147
Horehound trial 1999150
13. Wirrinya
Regional Atlas – Wirrinya153
14. Subsoils Project
Combating sodic subsoils – is plant growth affected by sodic subsoils160
LIRAC – Long-term changes of a sodic soil 14 years after lime and gypsum application168
15. Low Rainfall Project
Barley varieties and agronomy174
Dry sowing – understanding the risks before taking the punt181
Herbicides affect yield and nitrogen fixation in peas183
16. Index for CWFS Compendiums 1998 – 2005187