2006 CWFS Research Compendium


Chairmans report6
Central West Farming Systems introduction7
CWFS update10
Central West Farming Systems project11
Statistics-How they help find a trend12
Core site – 200517
Water use under cropping systems at Condobolin26
Condobolin wheat varietal yield and quality trial30
Condobolin, field pea varietal yield and quality trial33
Condobolin, oat varietal yield and quality trial35
Alectown S3/S4 NSW DPI main season barley37
Goonumbla NVT Albus lupin38
Goonumbla NVT narrowleaf lupin40
Goonumbla NVT Field peas41
Goonumbla NVT main wheat42
Goonumbla NVT early wheat43
Goonumbla NVT main barley44
Parkes NVT conventional main season canola45
Goonumbla Management trial: NSW DPI Field pea sowing rate46
Euabalong field pea variety and sowing rate trial49
Euabalong – wheat varietal yield and quality trial51
Euabalong, wheat after pulses53
Sodic soil amelioration using lime and Gypsum – Five years of results at Gunning Gap55
Merriwagga CWFS trial results 1999-200562
Nyngan – wheat varietal yield and quality trial68
Rankins Springs – wheat varietal yield and quality trial71
Tottenham – wheat varietal yield and quality trial73
Tottenham field pea variety and sowing rate trial75
New barley varieties and management77
Fungicides for control of Wheat Stripe Rust in Central-West NSW83
Evaluating stripe rust management strategies for wheat in 2004 & 200596
Lot feeding sheep.102
Sheep nutrition104
Cereal grazing on Eyre Peninsula107
Comparison of Lower Eyre Peninsula grazing systems111
Vetch breeding and versatility of vetch in field crop rotations114
Angel proves to be a godsend117
Angel survives summer SU residues119
CWFS Membership/Renewal Form127