2008-2011 CWFS Research Compendium


CWFS Chairman’s Report1
Roger Todd
CWFS Executive Committee2
CWFS Update4
2010 Foreword8
CWFS Main Season Wheat Variety Trials9
CWFS Phenology Trials12
Barley Variety Demonstration – Ungarie 200814
Ungarie Wheat Variety Demonstration 200815
Nyngan Early Sown Wheat Variety Trial18
Nyngan Regional Site Results 200820
Nyngan Main Sown Wheat Variety Trial20
Nyngan Barley Variety Trial22
Row Spacing in Barley – Rankins Springs23
CWFS Barley Variety Trials25
CWFS Weethalle Wheat Row Spacing & Seeding Rate Trial27
CWFS 2009 Early & Main Wheat Variety Trials29
Durum Benchmarking, Hillston irrigation district 200936
CWFS Triticale Variety Trials43
Performance of Wheat lines at Lake Cargelligo, 201045
Rankins Springs CWFS Row Spacing variety x sowing date trial 201048
Wheat Row Spacing and Sowing Rate Trial Merriwagga 201051
Wheat Variety and Nitrogen Rate Trial Merriwagga 201056
Rankins Springs CWFS Row Spacing x seeding rate x sowing date trial 201060
CWFS Field Pea Variety Trials62
CWFS Chickpea Response to Row Spacing and Plant Population64
Pulse Varieties – Southern & Central NSW 200866
CWFS Pulse Variety Trial75
Lupin Row Spacing Trial Merriwagga 201077
Oilseed Crops80
Better Canola – Crop Architecture And Seed Quality 2007-2009 Results80
Performance of Brassica Juncea and Canola: 200883
Nyngan Canola Variety Trial86
2009 Brassica Juncea Time of Sowing Trial87
Canola and Juncea Canola for Low Rainfall Areas in 200991
Selection of canola lines for low rainfall environments in South Eastern Australia a GRDC – Industry Initiative97
Selection of canola lines for low rainfall environment in south eastern Australia99
Juncea canola in the low rainfall zone of south-western NSW101
Canola/Mustard Evaluation at Lake Cargelligo in 2010111
Canola row spacing trial Merriwagga 2010113
Brassica juncea agronomy trial Merriwagga 2010117
Merriwagga Long Term Trial120
Merriwagga CWFS tillage and rotation trial 2008 Lessons learnt 10 years into the trial120
Merriwagga tillage and rotation trial 1999-2010125
Disease and Weed Control130
How Much Soil Moisture is Conserved During a Summer Fallow?130
Brome and Barley Grass Control in the Eyre Peninsula135
Effect of Seeding Systems and Herbicides on Crop Establishment and Ryegrass Control138
Herbicides for Dry Sowing of Wheat142
Brome and Barley Grass Control in the Eyre Peninsula146
Residual herbicides at sowing using disc and tyne no till seeding equipment150
Silverleaf Nightshade Control in Pastures Demonstration – Project Update 2009152
CWFS Novozymes Jumpstart Product Trials – Trial156
Fertilisers Trace Elements157
Phosphorus Recovery Trials 2008157
Phosphorus fertiliser evaluation trial161
Phosphorus – Keeping Common Sense in Your Fertiliser Decisions171
CWFS Twin N Product Trial174
CWFS Zinc Product Trials176
Pest Management178
2009 Canola Aphid Management Trial178
Management Practice184
Crop Sequencing Initiative in southern Australia184
Profitable broadleaf crop sequencing in South Eastern Australia185
Summer fallow management effects on soil moisture for winter crops188
Summer fallows and their management for improved winter crop production198
Evaluation of summer fallow efficiencies during the 2007/08 summer fallow period in the Parkes & Forbes districts201
Disc verse tine Sowing Systems comparison at “Jemalong Station”208
How much is rainfall worth?212
Row Direction, Row Spacing and Stubble Cover Effects214
Highlights from the Low Rainfall Collaboration Project216
Pasture cropping out of area?218
Row Spacing in Cereal and Broadleaf Crops222
Nutritional Strategies Responsive to Crop Sequencing225
Improving farmer capacity to manage profitability and risk228
Grazing sheep on stubbles – Condobolin results 2009-10229
Soil Compaction Trials231
Surface Sealing and Compaction LAYERS – the Effect of Stubble Cover235