2014/15 CWFS Research Compendium


Executive Committee 20154
Grains Research and Development Corporation Forward6
CWFS Chairman’s Report6
CWFS Update9
CWFS Social Media Update11
Monitoring Mice in Australia – Issue 516
Monitoring mice in Australia—April 201519
Mouse Census Week—Special Update18
Break crops and Crop Rotations19
Seasonal effects of stubble treatments on canola establishment and grain yield25
Seasonal effects of strategic stubble treatments on Nitrogen response in wheat36
Seasonal effects of strategic stubble treatments on wheat, barley and oats48
Seasonal effects of strategic stubble treatments on wheat and barley57
Changes in soil chemical properties under contrasting farming systems67
Modelling the effects of mixed farming systems on soil carbon and crop livestock productivity98
Mechanism of weed suppression in early vigour and weed suppressive wheat genotypes103
Integrated Weed Management114
Rain n Grain and Stubble Mouse sampling observations118
Soil pH change over time and the outcomes of a farmer led Lime trial122
Rain n Grain and Stubble; a proactive approach to weed control Out of crop weed control – an important consideration128
Economics of Lucerne Establishment for the Western Wheatbelt132
Economics of Pasture Improvement in the Western Wheatbelt139
Help for Farm Business to manage profitability and manage risk146
Managing for Profit and Risk Management152
Silverleaf Nightshade Demonstration Final Report 2013156
Nitrous oxide emissions in grain production systems164
Efficient grain production compared with N2O emissions170
Modelling the effect on stocking rate and lamb production of allowing ewes to graze in dual purpose wheat crop in Southern NSW175
Modelling ewes grazing dual-purpose wheat in southern NSW183
Causes of farm diversification over time: an Australian perspective on an Eastern Norway model190
Area response in wheat production: The Australian wheat-sheep zone200
Membership Form220