2016 CWFS Research Compendium


Executive Committee4
Sponsors & Funding bodies5
Chairman’s report7
CEO’s report8
Farming systems9
Maintaining profitable farming systems9
Risk management strategies for growing canola11
Comparing break crops performance in SA Mallee15
Are green manure cover crops a viable option21
Seeding rate by row spacing25
Sowing early to maximize wheat yield on low fallow31
Area cultivated during the summer fallow has increased on recent years37
Livestock grazing behaviour40
Stubble and soil management44
Soil acidity44
Seasonal effects of strategic stubble treatments on Wheat & Barley53
Stubble efficiency, stubble grazing Condobolin60
Seasonal effects of strategic stubble treatments on nitrogen response66
Good stubble, bad stubble71
CWFS Long Term Trial 201580
Weed management 88
Using sowing direction & row spacing for weed management88
Row orientation & weed competition94
Membership Form 109