2018 CWFS Research Compendium


2017 Chairperson Report5
2017 Executive Committee Contacts and Staff6
2017 CEO report77
2017 Stubble vs fertiliser application method, timing and rate – Tottenham
Proximal soil sensing11
Stubble nutrient loss from summer rainfall15
Wheat & barley variety trials Rankins Springs & Hillston, 201719
Changing the CULTURE of pest management in retained stubble systems24
Can soil organic matter be increased in a continuous cropping system in the low to medium rainfall zone?
Can a shielded sprayer reduce ryegrass?31
2016 Cereal response to stubble treatments in Central Western NSW34
2016 regional sites harvest summary38
Seed dressing trial – Rankins Springs, 201741
Barley grass seed contamination45
Nitrogen Use Efficiency research benefits from not so futuristic technologies
2017 Seasonal effects of strategic stubble treatments on Canola in CW NSW
CTF profiles – Case study 1 – Paul Adam51
CTF profiles – Case study 2 – Hayden Wass53
CTF profiles – Case study 3 – Matt Burkitt, NorthParkes Mine55
CTF profiles – Case study 4 – David Greig57
Variety specific agronomy for southern irrigated cropping systems60
Nitrogen sensing68
Drones in Agriculture72
Variety specific agronomy for southern irrigated cropping systems
Using barley cultivars for non-herbicide control of grass weeds80
Livestock supplementary feeding in mixed farming systems83
Sheep health issues in dry seasons85
Sheep fertility issues when grazing medic pastures87
Management of early sown wheat89
Burning temperatures of harvest windrows and standing stubbles in low rainfall farming systems91
Burning of weed seeds in low rainfall farming systems94
Identifying the causes of unreliable nitrogen fixation by medic based pastures98
Sowing early for crop competition101
Soil moisture probe network – using soil water information to make better decisions on Eyre Peninsula
Crop nutrition 137 availability of N from cereal stubble: 15N trial summary 2014–2016
Membership form109