About Us

Not-for-profit and farmer driven

Covering 14 million hectares in the mixed farming regions of Central West NSW

Central West Farming Systems (CWFS) is an independent, not-for-profit, farmer driven organisation. We operate in an area covering 14 million hectares in the lower rainfall, mixed farming regions of Central West NSW (350-500mm rainfall). Formed in 1998, CWFS has over 300 members made up primarily of farmers but also private and public sector advisers, researchers and stakeholders.

Centrally based with a strong regional network

CWFS is based centrally at Condobolin but also operates a number of regional sites within a 250 km radius. These sites, together with our membership, provide an exceptionally strong distribution and engagement network. In 2014, CWFS commenced irrigation RD&E activities at Condobolin after assuming management of the Lachlan Irrigation Research Station (now The Fettell Centre). The facility is 120 ha in area and has an irrigation licence of 1226 mg general security water.

CWFS is run by an Executive of 9 members, with input from major project partners and agribusinesses. Our primary goal is to provide RD&E to our members, farmers, industry advisers and the community. We do this through trial activities in conjunction with our wide ranging extension platform – including publications, field days/workshops and social media.

Trials held & crops planted
LIRAC trial plots