Alternative pasture legumes in NSW Central West – 2021 Report

PDS project code: L.PDS.2102

Very little demonstration of new feedbase options has occurred throughout the CWFS region of recent years with most efforts being devoted to annual cropping options, mainly dual-purpose cereals and canola. There is a small minority of farmers who have tried some of the alternatives, and a few have revisited the sub clover / medic scene that proved so successful for many years. While there is significant capacity for self-regenerating hard-seeded legumes in the CW of NSW, they are yet to be widely adopted.

This is also true within our CWFS ‘footprint’ where producers have not extensively used these hard-seeded legumes although there is much interest from our members around this topic, particularly in regard to drought tolerance. This interest has been the impetus for this project which will showcase and demonstrate the most profitable and successful pastures in the low rainfall zone of central western NSW.