2017 Commercial Stubble vs Canola Harvest Report

2017 Seasonal effects of strategic stubble treatments on Canola in CW NSW Background CWFS conducted trials across the central western district that: investigated the impact that different stubble treatments (burning, cultivation, harrowed or standing stubble) imposed just prior to sowing have on the growth and yield of winter crops, measured using large plotsevaluate any grower...

2016 Commercial Stubble vs Cereal

2016 Cereal response to stubble treatments in Central Western NSW Key Points from 2016 Burning or cultivating 2015 stubbles tended to produce higher yields, however this was only significant at UngarieHigh rainfall and a soft finish removed the benefit of stored soil moisture that stubble retained systems may have providedNitrogen was the limiting factor for...

2015 Report – Merriwagga Long Term Tillage and Rotational Trial

Stubble efficiency – Stubble GrazingCondobolin 2015 Key points No-till treatments, for all rotations, were slightly higher-yielding than the conventional tillage treatments for wheat. The yield of peas, in rotation 2, was very low in this trial as a result of the season and Sakura® damage.Rotations including a fallow, such as the WFW treatment, had lower...

2015 CSIRO Collaborative Project

Cultural control strategies: the impact of stubble management on invertebrate pests in dryland cropping systems 2015 trial Key points Pest density was very low throughout the course of the trial and there was no obvious impact of stubble management practices on ground-dwelling pest numbers.High numbers of beneficials (mostly ants and spiders) were active in the...

2014 Report – Merriwagga Long Term Trial

The Merriwagga tillage and rotation trial was established in 1999 aimed at comparing no-till farming techniques against conventional farming methods over 5 different cropping rotations. Access the report

2014 NSW DPI Stubble Grazing Trial

Investigating the effect of stubble and grazing management on dry matter production within the cropping phase in low a rainfall climate. Access the report

2014 Harvest Report

The Central West Farming Systems 2014 trial report that covers all of the research conducted in 2014 by CWFS. Access the report

2013 Report – Long Fallow Management Trial

Key points Long fallows and green manure crops are valuable management tools that increase soil moisture and nutrition for the following crop.Controlling weeds 100% of the time in fallows preserves maximum soil moisture. Spraying weeds late in this trial equated to lost income of $85.56/ha as a result of lower grain yield and quality.Vetch as...

2013 Harvest Report

An overview of all of the trials conducted by Central West Farming Systems during the year of 2013. Access the report

2013 Report – Grain Protein

Will low protein become the new norm? Take home messages Soil tests from throughout the region in 2012 indicate that soil mineral N contents were low in comparison to years prior to 2010, which may help explain why grain proteins were generally low in 2012.Mineral N contents were low primarily due to high rates of...