2003 CWFS Research Compendium

Contents Chairman’s Comment Bruce Watt7CWFS Introduction9CWFS Regional Sites10CWFS Group Update11Statistics -what on earth do they mean?131. CWFS Core Site & Crop MonitoringFarming Systems Comparison Trial – Core Site 2002 Results15Farming Systems Comparison Trial (Core Site) The First Five Years 1998-200219Crop Monitoring in 2002272. Grower Experience – 2002 Seminar SpeakersWhat I Did – What I Should Have Done Nyngan Farmer Shares...
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2002 CWFS Research Compendium

Chairman’s Comment Bruce Watt9CWFS Introduction11CWFS Regional Sites12CWFS Group Update131. CWFS Core Site & Crop Monitoring – 20012001 CWFS Condobolin Farming SystemsTrial – Core Site Results16CWFS Farming Systems Comparison View from the Systems20CWFS 2001 Crop Monitoring Report242. Grower Experience – 2002 Seminar SpeakersManaging at the Margins gearing up – Precision Farming32Improving Returns Considering the Asset37Syndicated Farming, Benchmarking and Sustainability383. Burn &...
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2001 CWFS Research Compendium

Contents Chairman’s CommentsiCWFS IntroductioniiCWFS Regional SitesiiiCWFS Group UpdateivCondobolin Farming Systems Trial, 200011. FarmingThe Wear and Tear of Tillage Points9Seed Quality, Nitrogen, Screenings & Black Point in Wheat & Barley12Intensive Cropping – Grower Experience, Rankins Springs19Soil Biology in Farming Systems22Conservation Farming Comments24Raised Bed Farming – Grower Experience27Nozzle Use and Correct Selection2. Economics What Makes a Profitable Farming System?32Economic Issues in Deciding Between...
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1999/2000 CWFS Research Compendium

Contents Chairman’s Report Bruce WattiiCWFS Committee, Staff & Systems Advisors iiiMembers of CWFSvSponsors1 CWFS 1999 Overview and Condobolin Farming Systems Trial12 Crop Nutrition and GrowthManaging Your Crop’s Nitrogen 5Applied Nitrogen  11Applied Nitrogen  Alternative Dwarfing Genes for Improving15Seedling Establishment of Wheat 17Fertiliser Placement 20Seedbed Utilisation – Safe Fertiliser Rates 26Stubble, Tillage and Ryegrass 31Biological Control of Crown Rot 333 CanolaCanola Management 37Canola in the Central West 40Canola in Western NSW 42Canola in...
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1998 CWFS Research Compendium

Contents Introduction PurposeMore about Central West Farming Systems List of MembersSponsors’ pages Cropping The agronomy of Durum Wheats – R.A. HarePulse crops for Central Western NSW – N. FettellContinuous cropping – is it sustainable? – N. FettellControlled traffic – is coming to a farm near you – N. Gould Can we do conservation fanning in the (marginal) cropping areas of...
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