CWFS AgMarketing Project 2018

AgMarketing Project

The AgMarketing Project brings on-farm decision makers (women) and marketing specialists together in regular workshops and forums to learn more about agricultural commodity marketing strategies and opportunities. This project aims to increase knowledge, confidence and profitability of farming businesses through mentor support and peer to peer learning.   The Project was funded by the Federal Government’s Farming Together Project and has been especially success with participant surveys demonstrating an extremely positive response and reiterating the importance of upskilling in this area. 

The speakers engaged the audience with much advice and strategies to better use opportunities in relation to marketing their commodities.  Christine and Rosie both talked about leadership within their communities and the importance of sharing a vision with all stakeholders.  Christine is well known as the organiser of the ‘Rent a Farmhouse’ program which revitalised her small community by encouraging people to move into the area.  This meant that schools could remain open, businesses stayed viable and the community went from strength to strength.  Rosie has played a pivotal role in beautifying the Forbes area through sculpture and she developed the ‘Somewhere Down the Lachlan Sculpture Trail’.  Both women have a strong commitment to their rural communities and have shown great determination in following their vision.  Both stressed the need to be focused and find like-minded people to help drive projects.  It was very inspiring to the group to hear Christine and Rosie speak and we thank them very much for their presentations. 

A panel session with Izzi, Warren, David, Christine and Rosie followed the more formal part of the day and the audience were invited to ask questions.  It was very interesting to hear Izzi and Warren give their viewpoint on potential grain prices, particularly given the dry season.  In terms of livestock, David talked about pastures and the need to generate a saleable product and make sure feed is available to keep animals in good condition.

A consistent theme across all speakers was the need to identify the best enterprises in terms of livestock and crops for your business and the need to stay abreast of opportunities to maximise price.

This was the final workshop for the CWFS AgMarketing Project under the Farming Together program. I would very much like to thank the sponsors, Farming Together; NSW DPI International Engagement Unit; RDA Central West; ADM; GrainCorp; AWI and Jemalong Wool, who have generously availed themselves to the group and attended the many workshops. And thank you to all the marvellous women who participated in this project.  It was wonderful to get to know you all and I look forward to seeing you again at another CWFS event.

The Group at the Eugowra Workshop
The group intently listening to the panel
The Panel awaiting the audiences questions