CWFS Launches FRRR project ‘Tapping a Natural Resource – A Rural and Regional ‘Remote’ Workforce’

CWFS launched it project ‘Tapping a Natural Resource – A Rural and Regional ‘Remote’ Workforce presented by Jo Palmer on the 28 April at SRA Hall, Condobolin, with a large number of local women in attendance. This project is funded by the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) under the Tackling Tough Times Together program. This project aims to support individuals (particularly women) to build their own confidence and acquire the skillset to renter the workforce remotely.

CWFS’ project ‘Tapping a Natural Resource – A Rural and Regional ‘Remote’ Workforce’ will provide a highly developed educational and networking program to upskill, activate and engage underemployed people to remotely work in Central West NSW increasing professional & economic opportunities & encourage community engagement.

CWFS has a long history of delivering practical and relevant programs to the Central West and looks forward to working with Jo Palmer, an experienced professional in the ‘remote work’ space, to provide the training component of this project. In 2017 Jo founded Pointer Remote, a job matching platform that connects businesses with talent that works remotely from anywhere in Australia. Jo was awarded the National AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award for her work supporting, educating and connecting rural communities through remote work in 2019.

The program will take the form of face-to-face workshops, online training and webinars over a three month period covering 8 different modules. Individuals who participate in the program will have the opportunity to be ‘remote work ready’ and will be prepared to look for remote work.

If anyone would like more information on how to be involved in this project, please contact Diana Fear at CWFS on