Field Pest Control and Disease Management

On the 25th of June a group of farmers attended a crop pest and disease management work shop at Bogan Gate and Albert.

The presenters on the day included:

  • Dr Steve Simpfendorfer (NSW DPI): who discussed disease management in winter cereals, canola, faba beans, lupins and field peas.
  • Dr Sarina Mcfadyen (CSIRO): Who discussed in field pest control, reducing risks and managing outbreaks.
  • Chris Baker: Local Agronomist (Ag Advantage): On what pests and diseases have been seen around the district.
  • To cap the afternoon off CWFS staff member Nick Hill broke out the soil testing kits and sampled a few soils that farmers brought along. The soil testing kits were quite the hit amongst local farmers with most of them jumping in to give it a go.

Soil sampling

The presentations for Sarina and Steve were recorded for their presentations at Albert. Feel free to watch Sarina’s presentation below, the presentation is in two parts so feel free to check them both out.


Video 1 (Sarina Mcfadyen)

To skip to what you looking for in the video feel free to follow the links below

Beneficial Insects                       Red Legged  Earth Mites              Lucerne Flea             Cutworms             Pest Alert


Video 2 (Sarina Mcfadyen)

I hope that you have enjoyed the two video’s from the workshop and make sure that you stay tuned for the release of Steven’s videos as well. For regular updates feel free to follow us on twitter and facebook as we update both sites fairly regularly.