GRDC Barley Grass Project

Demonstrating and validating the implementation of integrated weed management strategies to control barley grass in the low rainfall zone farming systems

Project Funders:

GRDC, University of Aldelaide

Project Duration:



CWFS is a part of a 3-year project to undertake demonstration research to identify tactics for barley grass management in the low rainfall northern, southern and western regions. The project will select 4 management strategies for investigation in large scale replicated demonstration trials. A steering committee will be established and a workshop is to be held in April 2019 to identify management tactics and rotations to be investigated over the 3 years of study. The baseline strategy will be a current management practice widely used by the growers in each FSG for the management of barley grass. Other management strategies will be identified by discussion at the inception meetings and will include improved practices used by the leading growers and agronomists as well as strategies identified in research trials. These demonstration sites will be used to collect data on crop performance (density and yield) and barley grass plant density and panicle density as well as seed production each year. These sites will also be used for spring field walks to highlight the impact of different management practices on barley grass. At the end of the 3rd year of demonstration, data from each study site will be used to develop management case studies that will be hosted on FSG websites as well as on WeedSmart.

Due to drought conditions in 2019, activities for this project were not comprehensively carried out and data from the trial could not be collected. Fortunately, 2020 has seen dry conditions ease and the Central West has received excellent rainfall. Sowing was undertaken on the 27th of April