GRDC Update – Forbes 24th February 2023

Discuss the latest farm-ready information to improve profit, with researchers, agronomists and leading
growers at the Forbes GRDC Grains Research Update.

Club Forbes, 41-43 Templar Street, Forbes, NSW 2871
8:30am registration for a 9am start, finish 2:40pm Cost: $30 pp. (Cheques payable to ICAN Pty. Ltd.).
Lunch, morning tea and proceedings provided.

To RSVP/register, or for further information or agenda, please contact Andrea Mathers or Erica McKay or 02 9482 4930 or e-mail or register online at

Topics on the agenda
⊲ Optimising control of annual ryegrass. Chris Preston (Uni of Adelaide)
• Clethodim activity on resistant annual ryegrass in canola
• Updated herbicide resistance data for central NSW
• Managing issues with pre-sowing knockdown of glyphosate resistant ryegrass
• Are we selecting for later germinating ryegrass? What’s the impact on the performance of pre-em herbicides?
⊲ Cereal diseases – an autopsy of 2022 & doing better in 2023 Steven Simpfendorfer (NSW DPI)
• Seed quality is critical
• Key disease strategies
• Crown-rot
• Fungicide resistance
⊲ Comparing the longer-term profit of different farming systems and legacy impacts across the system.
John Kirkegaard (CSIRO) & Mathew Dunn (NSW DPI)
⊲ Pulse agronomy to maximise yield and farming system benefit. Maurie Street (GOA)
• 2 years of data on locally relevant soil types
⊲ Nitrogen – strategies for building the pool and reducing losses. Chris Dowling (Back Paddock Co.)
• Organic vs different fertiliser N sources
• Spread urea or drill it in?
• What does a systems approach look like?
• How much N do legumes add?
• Matching N & P
⊲ Pulse manure crops for nitrogen banking – a consultant’s perspective. Peter McInerney (3D Ag)