2015 Report – Merriwagga Long Term Tillage and Rotational Trial

Stubble efficiency – Stubble Grazing
Condobolin 2015

Key points

  • No-till treatments, for all rotations, were slightly higher-yielding than the conventional tillage treatments for wheat. The yield of peas, in rotation 2, was very low in this trial as a result of the season and Sakura® damage.
  • Rotations including a fallow, such as the WFW treatment, had lower weed numbers compared to continuous cropped rotations. The continuous wheat rotation, both conventional and no-till treatments, had a large number of ryegrass, even with Sakura®.
  • Profit and income for 2015 was highest in the no-till wheat / ley / fallow / wheat rotation, and lowest in Rotation 2.
  • 17 years of no-till wheat on wheat is still second for profitability.