Reflections of real farmers from before, during & after drought

Case Study: Ruth Klingner, Isabele Roberts & Floyd Legge
‘Muddy Water’ Forbes | Central West NSW

Ruth and her family run several enterprises over multiple properties turning off produce year-round.

This case study looks at their experiences while facing the drought of 2018-2019.

Ruth’s experiences around the 2018/19 drought were ‘hard’! It was non-stop, long and widespread.

The logistics of everything was tiring, to source feed at a reasonable price was challenging as the drought covered such a vast area across many states. There was dirt everywhere and no escaping it – coming home to dirt in the house was tough for Ruth and her family. The main challenge was the financial impact and the resulting high levels of stress. Having faith and adapting to the situation helped to minimise the struggle on mental health for Ruth and her family.

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