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Cool Soil Initiative

Partnership expands to support farmer-led investigation of GHG emissions Project Duration: 2020-2021 Where it began In 2018 Riverine Plains and Central West Farming Systems partnered with Mars Petcare to develop an industry program, labelled the Australian Cool Farm Initiative, to quantify greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from wheat production, and to identify avenues to support farmers in reducing emissions, with a...
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NLP2 Future Soils

Future proofing the soils of southern and central NSW from acidification and soil organic carbon decline (FutureSOILS NLP) Project Duration: 2019-2023 Aim The project aims to protect and improve the subsurface soil layers (5-20 cm) within southern and central NSW NRM regions grown under dryland cropping and modified pasture systems, of which >50% of soil is acidic. The successful completion...
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GRDC Long Season Wheats Give Growers an Opportunity to Sow Early on Early Rains

Background Growers in central and southern NSW are interested in sowing wheat earlier than the traditional May sowing window. There are a number of drivers of this change. Advances in summer fallow management, which have led to improved soil water storage and sowing opportunitiesDeclining frequency and magnitude of traditional autumn breaks and winter rainfall but some increase in summer rainImprovements...
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GRDC Soilborne Pathogens

Soilborne Pathogen Identification and Management Strategies for Winter Cereals Project Partners: GRDC, FarmLink, Birchip Cropping Group, Grower Group AllianceProject Code: FLR1912-003RTXProject Duration:  2019-2023Project Location: NSW, Victoria, WA Background Soilborne pathogens are a widespread problem across the Western, Southern and the winter dominant, cereal growing areas in the Northern region of Australia.A number of reports indicate that growers often rely on...
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GRDC Feathertop Rhodes Grass

Facilitating adoption of integrated weed management strategies for Feathertop Rhodes grass in the northern region, Program 2 (southern NSW) Project Partners:  GRDC, NSWDPIProject Location: Feathertop Rhodes grass is a highly aggressive weed that, despite being a focus of several research efforts, is continuing to increase in incidence and severity in northern farming systems. The recent confirmation of resistance to glyphosate...
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GRDC Soils Extension Project

GRDC Soils Extension Project Extension of best practice principles for identifying and managing soil limitations in southern and central NSW This GRDC project has been developed by FarmLink and NSW DPI and Farming System Groups (CWFS, Riverine Plains, IREC, Southern Growers, Harden Landcare Network, ICC and Holbrook Landcare) to deliver a range of soils extension material and activities throughout southern...
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