The Cool Soil Initiative

The Cool Soil Initiative

The Cool Soil Initiative is a paddock to product partnership, working with grain growers through regional farming systems groups (FSGs) to test and validate management practices that can then mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on-farm, to support the ongoing sustainability, productivity, and profitability of farming enterprises.


Examples include:

  • On-farm demonstration projects that validate the soil and GHG impacts/benefits from different practices
  • Peer-to-peer learning to increase uptake on leading practices across the regions
  • Effective, validated tool to measure GHG emissions from Australian cropping farmers that is connected into global grain production, commodity markets and food manufacturing.

Cool Soil Vision

Helping to future-proof the Aussie grains industry against a changing climate and evolving marketplace.

What are the benefits for Farmers?

The benefits include:

  • Mitigating risk by proactively working to reduce GHG on farm, and improve the sustainability of farming practices
  • Access to financial support for innovation and trials of new practices
  • Data to support on-farm decision making – improve productivity and profitability
  • Support and engagement from FSGs and soil scientists
  • Access to research project findings to support practice
  • Reduced on-farm GHG
  • Use of Cool Farm Tool to measure and validate on-farm GHG emissions reductions

To register your interest contact Cat Worner, CWFS on 0488 032 368 or email You can also download this booklet for more information.

CWFS ‘Cool Soil Initiative’ Meeting at The Fettell Centre

CWFS held its Cool Soil Initiative meeting on Thursday, 18 March at The Fettell Centre, Condobolin, with a number of local farmers and industry stakeholders. This Project was initially piloted by Mars Petcare and the US-based Sustainable Food Lab (SFL) in 2017 with two farming systems groups, CWFS in the central west and Riverine Plains in the south.  It was...
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