N Banking

NGN Comparison of nitrogen-based demand and banking strategies to aid N decision making in SE NSW

Project Funder: Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC)

Project Lead Organisation/Researcher: Farmlink Research Limited, Hayden Thompson

Project Durations: 2022-2023

Project Locations: CWFS The Fettell Centre, Condobolin


The project aims to test a range of ‘N banking targets’ and ‘N demand scenarios’ on-farm to establish the profits and risks associated with both strategies. Within this strategy testing different N bank targets and different N demand scenarios will refine and optimise the equalisation of N supply and N demand using profits and profit-risk ratios to identify the best refinements within each of the two broader strategies.

Description and background

There are several studies that indicate low Nitrogen (N) supply is still the single largest contributor to the water limited yield gap in wheat. Alongside this research, the relatively high proportion (~30%) of Australian wheat with low grain protein, provides further evidence that yield is being limited by N supply. And as a part of the NGN process, growers identified that the current approach to determine N application has great level of uncertainty due to error associated with prediction of August to October rainfall. Therefore, the proposed solution is to test the 2 broader strategies. Learnings based around this investment are likely to simplify the approach to N management in cereals and canola for growers and assist in closing the yield gap for non-leguminous crops.

Reports & Media Releases


This project is a partnership between GRDC, University of Melbourne, Farmlink, Central West Farming Systems and Riverine Plains.