Evaluating Alternative Rhizobial Carriers

Evaluating Alternative Rhizobial Carriers Project 3.4.001 Professor Chengrong Chen – Project LeaderGriffith University DURATION: Three years OVERVIEW: Rhizobium inoculation has contributed significantly to the supply of nitrogen in most farming systems, but the availability of peat – the most widely used carrier for Rhizobium – is a non-renewable resource and is becoming increasingly scarce in many regions. As well as...
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Building Capacity Project

Building Capacity Project Project 6.1.001 Felicity Harrop – Project LeaderNorth Central Catchment Management Authority DURATION: Two years OVERVIEW: As farmers better understand the importance of sustainable soil management for their productivity and profitability, they need advice, technical assistance and expertise from their local grower groups. This project is co-funded by the Australian Government through the Building Landcare Community and Capacity...
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Addressing Complex Soil Constraints

Addressing Complex Soil Constraints Dr Jason Condon – Project LeaderCharles Sturt University Project 4.2.002 DURATION: Two and a half years OVERVIEW: Soils often exhibit multiple constraints that limit their productivity. Historically, attempts to address these constraints have been conducted via research that addresses each constraint individually. Each problem has an industry “best practice” solution but when these are applied in...
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