GRDC Improving Grower Profits Through Longer Season Wheat Crops Virtual Field Day

Take a “Virtual” walk through the GRDC Improving Grower Profits Through Longer Season Wheat Crops Field Day, hosted by CWFS. This year the trial is located at Lake Cargelligo looking at twelve varieties and three sowing dates. Please note: this video is over 14 minutes long.
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GRDC Long Season Wheats Give Growers an Opportunity to Sow Early on Early Rains

Background Growers in central and southern NSW are interested in sowing wheat earlier than the traditional May sowing window. There are a number of drivers of this change. Advances in summer fallow management, which have led to improved soil water storage and sowing opportunitiesDeclining frequency and magnitude of traditional autumn...
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Why Soil Management Practices are Adopted

Why Soil Management Practices are Adopted Project 1.2.002 Associate Professor Vaughan Higgins – Project LeaderUniversity of Tasmania DURATION: Two years OVERVIEW: Farmer uptake of soil management programs and techniques is historically, relatively slow. This project sets out to understand why farmers do not adopt soil management improvement programs. It will...
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Visualising Australasia’s Soils

Visualising Australasia’s Soils  Project 2.3.001 Associate Professor Peter Dahlhaus – Project LeaderFederation University DURATION: Two years OVERVIEW: Data is key to sustainable soil health and profitable agriculture. Following on from the scoping study, A review of indicators of soil health and function: farmers’ needs and data management, this project addresses the issue...
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Unlocking Soil Nutrients with Organic Matter

Unlocking Soil Nutrients with Organic Matter Project 3.1.006 Dr Balaji Seshadri – Project LeaderThe University of Newcastle DURATION: Three yearsOVERVIEW: Enhancing nutrient use efficiency in agricultural soils is challenging due to diminishing natural resources such as phosphate rock and water availability. The use of organic wastes (e.g. composts, manures, biosolids)...
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Recovering Nutrients from Organic Waste Streams

Recovering Nutrients form Organic Waste Streams Project 3.1.003 Dr Dane Lamb – Project LeaderThe University of Newcastle DURATION: Three years OVERVIEW: Large scale agricultural systems rely on inputs of nitrogen and phosphorous which can be costly for farmers. Although phosphorous is significantly present in many agricultural soils, the majority exists...
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Building Capacity Project

Building Capacity Project Project 6.1.001 Felicity Harrop – Project LeaderNorth Central Catchment Management Authority DURATION: Two years OVERVIEW: As farmers better understand the importance of sustainable soil management for their productivity and profitability, they need advice, technical assistance and expertise from their local grower groups. This project is co-funded by...
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Addressing Complex Soil Constraints

Addressing Complex Soil Constraints Dr Jason Condon – Project LeaderCharles Sturt University Project 4.2.002 DURATION: Two and a half years OVERVIEW: Soils often exhibit multiple constraints that limit their productivity. Historically, attempts to address these constraints have been conducted via research that addresses each constraint individually. Each problem has an...
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Crown Reserves Improvement Fund Program 2019-2020

CWFS received funding under this program to undertake weed management at The Fettell Centre. The objective was to improve the reserve and enable on-going maintenance of the reserve.  This was achieved and CWFS would like to acknowledge the support of the NSW Department of Industry for their support.
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