Smarter Irrigation for Profit 2020

How to get the best dollars returned per hectare, considering physical delivery of water was not promised past 31 March 2020 in the Lachlan Valley.

Irrigation water in dry years: sell, buy or apply?

A supplementary irrigated wheat scenario, Central West, NSW. Key Messages A seasonal analysis of the temporary water market during a recent period of research showed a gross margin of $319/ML could be achieved if water were sold at a market average price.Hay prices and hay production need to exceed the dual economic thresholds of $500/t...

Smarter Irrigation For Profit Phase 2 (SIP2)

Project Duration: 2019-2022 Background: SIP2 addresses the challenge of reduced water availability by improving the water productivity of Australian cropping and pasture irrigators. It will do this by developing new precision irrigation technologies, improving existing technologies and facilitating faster uptake through producer led demonstration sites.Smarter Irrigation for Profit Phase 1 found participating Australian by adopting...