Upcoming Events

GRDC Soilborne Pathogens Workshops – POSTPONED AGAIN

The Soilborne Pathogens Workshops have been postponed once again due to Covid. When rescheduled, they will explore soilborne root diseases in your region, providing an insight into symptoms, identification, diagnosis, and management. The workshops will: Include an interactive session where you get to score the root health of your own...
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Check your mailbox!

The Soil CRC Rural Landholder Survey 2021 is out! If you receive one in your mailbox, we encourage you to take the time to complete and return it in the envelope supplied. We are keen to receive your feedback. This project¬†aims to understand what land and farm management practices farmers undertake...
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NSW DPI Farm Business Resilience Program

Under the NSW DPI Farm Business Resilience Program, farmers will receive an expert coach who will work with you and assist in your farming business. Participants will get an experienced business coach that helps set your goals and gets you organised and motivated. For further information and a quick outline...
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